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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Finally a lotion that helps my boys with their Eczema!!!!

I am super excited about my new found love!!  My mom sent home a "homemade" lotion that one of her friends gave her sometime back.  My oldest started using it and within 2-3 days his skin was so soft, compared to his extra dry lizzard like skin!  I was so excited because I have tried every non fragrance lotion they have on the marker, along with homeopathic lotions.  Nothing has worked without making him scream in pain or itch like crazy!!  Here is the recipe for this amazing lotion:

2 bottles baby lotion
2 bottles Vitamin E cream
1 jar of vaseline

Mix together with a spoon, don't use blender because it will get really watery.

Put in a tub and blend!  It makes a lot, so I proabably won't have to make any till next year!!

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