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Friday, December 3, 2010

Chiefs Super Double Coupons!!!! Gotta love it!!

Super Double Coupons is in my mind better than triple coupons.  Chiefs will double all coupons up to and including $1.00, and if you have any coupons over $1 they make it worth $2!!  Here is some of the deals I scored on this week!  They only do this about every 2-3 months, but I get so excited when they do!!

Helluva Good Chip dip  $2.15- .75 coupon = .65 cents
Pepperidge Garlic bread  2.79- .75= 1.60
birds eye frozen vegies .99- .75 off of 2 bags= .50
Playtex Tampons  2.99- 1.00 coupon = 99 cents
Mucinex for kids 5.99- 1.00 coupon = 3.99
Warm Delights 2.15- .75= . 65
Hormel chili 1.50- .55 coupon= .40 a can

There were a couple of other deals I received without coupons.  It is always like a little game for me!  The best deals are matching up your coupons with items that are on sale that week.  This is where you score the most savings!!