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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 Do It Yourself Ideas to learn

The New Year is here, and I have been wanting to learn some new things that I have been wanting to attempt, but never follow through with.  I am setting a goal to learn one new thing a month in the year 2011!  So I am bringing you guys along to keep me going and that I follow through with each aspect!!!! One item a month isn't too much right??

Here are my thoughts for each month:

January- Set up a budget using the envelope system.  I have tracked my spending for the last 3 months with receipts for everything!  I can't believe how many receipts we have and I want to learn to pay cash for everything instead of using my debit card for absolutely everything!! 

February- Get more organized

March-  Learn to knit

April- Learn to sew

May- Make my own lotion

June- Make my own hotdog buns

July- Homemade noodles

August- Make homemade A1 sauce

September- can homemade spaghetti sauce/chili/pizza sauce

October- Bath scrub

November- TBA

December- TBA

Ok it is written down with some blank spots hoping to get everything accomlished this year.  I am sure I will find some great new items, along with some catastrophes cause that is how I work.  :)  Wish me luck!!


  1. So is the sewing class in April?? :) Can't wait till August! A-1 is expensive!!

  2. I haven't heard when the next sewing class is at this time, but am still looking. I am going to have my mom sit down and teach me if there isn't one by April!! :) I am thinking that A1 maybe moved cause I need to know before grilling season is upon us!!!